Chuck it or keep it?

With lockdown upon us all, is it time to chuck out the old and organise the new? Here's our guide to storage solutions.

Giant LEGO Silly Storage Head

This neat new (human head sized) giant LEGO man storage head is officially licensed by LEGO themselves and comes with a cheeky emoji inspired silly face.

We think their LEGO iconic silly storage head is a really neat storage idea to encourage the kids to clear away their clutter and also provide a funky-looking solution for children's toy storage.

Price: £18.66

Telephone Box Display Cabinet

This bizarre contemporary display cabinet will add a quirky style in anyone's home. The natural wood coloured display cabinet in a London telephone style provides a great talking point.

Price: £399.99

Rubix Cube Cabinet

Designed to conceal items that need storing but allows easy access, this Rubix Cube storage box is a real mind twister. The drawers look the same as the rest of the cabinet which means that only the owner knows that the drawers exist, thus can store items in the varied sized compartments in secret.

Price: On application

Cycloc Endo Wall Mounter indoor bike storage hooks

A simple and elegant option is the Cycloc Endo. After screwing the base into the wall all you have to do is lift up the flap and hook it onto your bike’s front wheel. With a variety of colours there’s something to fit every favoured palette.

Price: £44.95 from Wiggle

Bookcase Chair

Maximize your home’s limited space by storing your vast literary collection neatly inside the bookcase chair. This versatile piece of furniture provides a comfortable reading nook while giving you ample storage space to store your books in its accommodating frame, if you can afford it!

Price: £2,563.55

J Me Cozy Remote Tidy

This handy Remote Tidy, is perfect for storing the many remotes which always seem to be lying around in your living room. Made from non slip rubber the remote tidy has been designed into a flowing curved shape which is suitable for holding around 4 to 5 remotes.

Price: £12.25